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Casale Vallechiesa Winery

The Casale Vallechiesa is a farm that has been continuously pursuing a family tradition for over a century. The production of wines of excellence characterizes it, only Docg, Doc and Igt, that is wines completely plucked and guaranteed.

We take great care from the vineyard to our bottles, expressing the typicalness and originality of the territorial wines, with particular attention to innovation for a continuous evolution.

The farm is located in the heart of the Frascati area, where for thousands of years the cultivation of the vine, in addition to the economic aspects, has strong links with Art and good living and excellent gastronomy, in an unspoiled environment a few kilometers from Rome. The Frascati, Doc and Docg, Frascati's Docg Cannellino (a particular late harvest), the White Malvasia Puntinata Igt, the White Igt Bombino, Cesanese Igt and Roma Dop, the Syrah Igt, represent some of our most important wines. Our target market is the medium-high consumer and the Ho.re.ca channel. Industry guides and journalists every year reward or highlight our wines, from Luca Maroni to Bibenda, FIS's guide, to the awards awarded by the 5 STAR WINES of VINITALY competition, the international DECANTER competition and the international wine competition LA CITTA' DEL VINO (La Selezione del Sindaco).

Our company participates in food and wine events in Italy and abroad. Our cellar is equipped with latest generation machinery, from production to bottling our products, while respecting the quality standards that the market demands.

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